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We are a competitive professional basketball club - with our players competing at all levels from local team galas.


At the North Ballers Basketball Club, we take pride upon our team of highly competent and professionally trained coaches and yoga instructor. We have handpicked the best of the best to ensure that our members receive only the best possible training. Our coaches are adept at training the various levels of the game as per necessities and also keep a friendly environment while doing so.

The combination of having professional coaching along with regular yoga sessions ensures that you not only learn the necessary skills, but also stay sharp on the field. Our coaches also provide non-physical training such as how to analyze the game, how to be a part of a team etc. 



Basketball is a game of grit, guts, and glory. And in order to achieve the perfect balance between these 3, professional training is often required.

Welcome to NorthBallers Club, a professional and modern sports club based in Mississauga, Ontario for lovers of the game that is basketball. We train kids between the age of 10 to 15 with the help of our team of handpicked coaches, and also help them achieve a sense of confidence about their performance.

We believe that sports, in any form, is a very fundamental part of a child’s life. And with the age of technology on us, most kids are moving away from on field sports and sticking to their PlayStations and Xboxes. We think a major reason for this unhealthy shift is due to the lack of proper sports guidance and confidence building.

This is why we have put together a team of highly skilled coaches, assistant coaches, and yoga instructors, to ensure that we provide a high-performance training regimen for our members. At the NorthBallers club we believe in setting goals and reaching them. Thus, we have charted up a professional training regime for all of our training modules pertaining to different levels.

What separates NorthBallers from every other basketball association out there is our approach whereby we strive to teach our members the complete game. And this is done through providing equal amount of importance towards teaching how to play the game and how to analyze the game. Our coaches ensure that all matches are followed up with a team session through which the players can understand and discuss the lack in not only their game play, but also their mentality. Added to this the Yoga classes help prep a healthy and positive mentality on and off field.

We believe in accepting the diversified world, and hence, our services are open to all without any discrimination on the basis of race, gender, economic background, etc. NorthBallers Club aims to teach professionalism and sportsmanship right from a young age.


We have chosen this hashtag to best represent our aims and goals since it resonates with the idea that we are trying to impart to our members. With the help of the latest training modules and professional coaches we want to inspire a certain change within our members and ensure that they become the beacon of this change into the world.









A Canadian citizen of Indian origin, Niharika is currently studying at the Harvard University while also conducting professional yoga sessions in her free time. She has been taught yoga right from a young age thanks to her grandparents and has been a professional instructor for many years now. She has had the chance to train famous Spanish footballers Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio, which they were highly appreciative of. She has also performed her art in front of an audience of 10,000 during the Indian prime minister visit to Canada.

Niharika brings to the North Ballers Basketball Club lessons that help our members relax after a hard day’s practice while still keeping their mind sharp. We noticed that her methods were exceptionally well suited for the purpose of professional sports and hence took her in as a member of our team. She has received many an accolades in the world of Yoga and is also endorsed by various international brands. She also holds a training certificate from the

According to Niharika, regular yoga can help you achieve a level of clarity in the court like never before.



We are a competitive basketball club - with our professional players competing at all levels from local team galas.


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